The main goal of an eCommerce website may be to get visitors to buy a product, but this involves much more than just offering and finding the right product. Above all, customers have to have a feeling of trust and security in order to follow through and actually hand you the cash. This isn’t easy, but it certainly isn’t difficult either. Here are a few tips:

Share Other’s Experiences

Take time to collect testimonials from people who have purchased from you previously. Then, use customer photos and business seals like one from the Better Business Bureau with these testimonials to help other web visitors see the value and benefits you have to offer. Just be sure they’re in prominent areas of your site.

Make It Easy To Contact You

A contact page can be a company’s greatest ally when it comes to inspiring trust. After all, if something goes wrong and the customer knows they can contact you to look after it, they have nothing to worry about. Therefore, be sure to have a completed contact page and demonstrate that the customer is important to you.

Use an SSL Certificate

With so many criminals online, sending important information like credit card numbers is a scary prospect. This is where a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate can really help. This is a method of sending data over a secure network. With this certificate, the user knows any sensitive information they share with you is encrypted and safe.

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