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What you need to know about web hosting

Most people do not need complicated, dedicated web hosting. Some do, but most don’t. Web hosting should provide you with reliable presentation of your website to the world. If you need a more complex website that might specialize in wordpress or have more database interaction because it is large, then you might be looking at more expense. Most people dont need that.

Should you use free hosting or paid?

Paid. You get better service and better uptime and more options for your design. If you have to use free web hosting then you can, but understand that generally you won’t have the control or service that you will get with a paid service and an established company.

How much does it cost?

This relates directly to the level of service you want. If you want 24 hour phone support then you will pay more. If you want a dedicated server then you will pay more. If you just need 99% uptime and email support, then you can find good service for $50/year (That’s an estimate). We’ve already said this, but most people do not need complicated hosting.

Do I get a domain name when I buy web hosting?

Generally no. Some companies might include the domain name purchase if you purchase a year or so of hosting up front. Typically you buy a domain name separately and then just point it at your web host. The web hosting company then takes care of making sure that the domain name is connected to your specific server.

Is there a contract with the hosting company?

Sometimes yes. You can buy hosting on a month to month basis. But you can get a much better deal on your hosting when you buy it for longer. Many people buy for a year or more to cut down the cost.

Is web hosting reliable?  Will my website stay up?

This will depend on the company that you choose. There are several great companies out there. One we recommend is Fat Cow.

Do I need special web hosting if I am a business?

No.  So many websites are business websites. You can easily host a website on shared hosting to start. Should you need more  power or space for a database or other more intense use, then you can always upgrade to a dedicated hosting option or a business specific website.

Do I need C-class hosting?

This relates to SEO (search engine optimization work). Do you need it? Maybe. Will it work or help for SEO? We can’t really say because SEO changes all the time. Some people beleive that having some separate C-class hosts will help your SEO. Others disagree with that. Bottom line is that if you believe that the C-class will help, then it is easy to buy.