Some tips to finding the best web host

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What is Web Hosting
As peculiar as it may seem to most techies, many people don’t understand what web hosting is. Basically, web hosting is what allows the world to see your website. You can design, code, and place a website on your harddrive where nobody sees it.. or you can spend a few bucks a month and host it on a type of computer known as a Web Server. This allows you to share your masterpiece with the public. A web server sends out, or serves, the files (html/php pages, images, etc.) to the visitors web browser (FireFox, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.).

Shared Web Hosting $50 yearly

Professional Web Hosting $19.95 monthly

Does it matter which web host you choose?
Choosing your web host is one of the most important decisions you will make regarding your website. Subpar web hosting service can ruin your websites growth, traffic statistics, and mostly importantly, the visitors opinion of your website. Some web hosts promise the moon and can barely get off the ground. These companies are usually oversellers who cram as many websites on each server as possible. Often,  they may not even own the server they’re selling space on. More often than not, this results in extremely poor performance. If the web server your website is hosted on can’t keep up with the load, all the websites hosted on that machine suffer.

Quality Matters

The old saying, “you get what you pay for” is true almost everytime. Web hosting is no exception. Most people new to website hosting opt for the cheapest plan they can find at first. That is, until they actually experience the service! Their site loads slowly, responds sluggishly, and sometimes might not even load or go offline! Making the move to a quality web host is the first step to success for your website. Don’t spend a bunch of money developing your website only to skimp on the web hosting and ruin your visitors site experience. Who cares how cool the flash intro is if it takes 10 minutes to load?

So, what should I do?

We’ve been messing with servers and playing with the Apache web server for years now. We are tech guys, plain and simple. Just setting up a server and configuring it out the ying yang brings joy to our day. That’s why when we choose where to host our websites, we choose the best. We’ve partnered with several of the industry’s leading web hosts and stand behind their service. They offer professional solutions to all of your hosting needs. Need a quality affordable shared plan for your first website? ChaseHosting’s has you covered for only $50 dollars a year. Talk about bang for your buck, 1 Terabyte of disk space and unlimited transfer! F1FTY servers are guaranteed to have less than 200 websites per server.

ChaseHosting also offers their Premium Shared Web Hosting plans for your website starting at a little over $80 a year. The professional plan boasts unmetered monthly transfer (no limits on bandwidth) and a terabyte of hard drive space. ChaseHosting’s premium plans are hosted on servers with less than 50 other websites.

Ready to sign up for some of the best apache based web hosting on the net? Click here to signup for Unlimited Shared Web Hosting.

Shared Web Hosting $50 yearly

Professional Web Hosting $19.95 monthly

Get your visitors to trust your ecommerce site

Posted December 22nd, 2010 in Tips, Tutorials by admin

The main goal of an eCommerce website may be to get visitors to buy a product, but this involves much more than just offering and finding the right product. Above all, customers have to have a feeling of trust and security in order to follow through and actually hand you the cash. This isn’t easy, but it certainly isn’t difficult either. Here are a few tips:

Share Other’s Experiences

Take time to collect testimonials from people who have purchased from you previously. Then, use customer photos and business seals like one from the Better Business Bureau with these testimonials to help other web visitors see the value and benefits you have to offer. Just be sure they’re in prominent areas of your site.

Make It Easy To Contact You

A contact page can be a company’s greatest ally when it comes to inspiring trust. After all, if something goes wrong and the customer knows they can contact you to look after it, they have nothing to worry about. Therefore, be sure to have a completed contact page and demonstrate that the customer is important to you.

Use an SSL Certificate

With so many criminals online, sending important information like credit card numbers is a scary prospect. This is where a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate can really help. This is a method of sending data over a secure network. With this certificate, the user knows any sensitive information they share with you is encrypted and safe.

Web hosting from FatCow comes with a ShopSite online store so you can accept credit cards and integrate with PayPal as well. Visit FatCow now to find out more about their QuickSSL Premium Certificate and how it can help you inspire trust in website visitors. It’s safe and easy, plus you have nothing to lose!

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