Simple PHP mail script that works

From the Apache forums:

I’m posting this message for the benefit of other newbies like me.

Thanks to CHASE’s advice, I now have a very simple mail script that works:

$to = $_REQUEST['MyEmail'] ;
$subject = $_REQUEST['subject'] ;
$greeting = $_REQUEST['greeting'] ;
$realname = $_REQUEST['realname'] ;
$HisEmail = $_REQUEST['HisEmail'] ;
$message = $_REQUEST['message'] ;
$headers = “From: $HisEmail”;
$send = mail($to, $subject, $greeting.”\n”.”\n”.$realname.”\n”.”\n”.$HisEmail.”\n”.”\n”.$message, $headers);

In the BODY of the email that I receive, the script shows the person’s greeting (e.g., Ms.), name, email address, and the comments that he/she made.

As I improve the script, I’ll post the results for the benefit of other newbies like me. Suggestions are, of course, welcome.  :-)

– Dr. T.

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  1. Ahsan says:

    thanks alot for the script above. helped alot

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